"Step into the soul of ANOOTHA where every thread, every stitch, every story and every step reflect our unwavering commitment to passion, quality and extraordinary journey we're thrilled to share with you."

Our Founder

ANOOTHA, “Unique” or as they say ‘Kuch Alag Hat Ke’ in Hindi.

Something that is distinct and extraordinary. Story of Anootha similarly is Unique. Indian ethnic women fashion brand, started by the founder Ritu Agrawal, with no real inclination towards fashion or trends.

Ritu was born and brought up in the marwari business family from Jaipur. As a child, she dreamt to be an engineer with strong inclination higher education, later she pursued the corporate career in computer science for 10 years to fulfill her dreams.

Though, for the girl who loved to sit on the cash counters of her father’s textiles shop sometimes while returning home from school even since her early childhood, corporate career wasn't going to be the end of it. After 10 years of leaving the financially rewarding career, getting married resulting in two beautiful princesses, Urvika and Titiksha, her entrepreneurship instinct made her start Anootha in year 2013.

Our Journey

Journey started with promoting the amazing collection of traditional paper mache handicrafts made by her elder sister Manjula Agarwal, and later expanded into Indian ethnic womenswear.

As a simple girl herself, Ritu understood that fashion should be accessible and relatable to everyone. She wanted to break the stereotype that fashion is only for the fashion-freaks or those who are fashion icons. Ritu believed that fashion is for everyone, regardless of their background, age or body shape. Fashion is not about conforming to societal norms, but about embracing one's individuality and expressing oneself through personal style. For her “Fashion is what you want to wear or style up rather than what everyone is wearing”.

With this belief in mind, Ritu founded the brand “Anootha”, with the aim of offering unique, timeless and simple yet stylish clothing options in premium natural fabrics like cotton cambric or mulmul along with luxurious chanderis for those who “dare to be different by being oneself only”. She wanted to create a space where people could find clothing that resonated with their own personal tastes and preferences, rather than following fleeting trends dictated by others. What is created at Anootha, never goes out of fashion.

Our Vision

Talking about sustainability has become the trend today. But Anootha proudly says that we are sustainable in many areas like minimizing zero waste, avoiding plastic bags, giving fair wages to our artisans, ethical sourcing of premium natural fabrics & other eco friendly materials, making styles that never go out of style, keeping an eye on environmental impact of our various operations. Yet, there is a long way to go in this domain.

We try that every piece of garment created at Anootha must pass at least 1 H in our H3 policy that is either the garment should use hand printed fabrics or hand woven fabrics or it should contain some element of hand detailing like embroidery or work of traditional rajasthani gota patti or pittan work completely incorporated by skilled human hands. This ensures that we are trying to create maximum employment for those skilled artisans who have been keeping alive Indian traditional crafts since ages.

While our brand may not have grown into a mighty tree just yet, our roots have spread throughout India, even globally with unwavering love & faith of our customers.

Join us as we continue to write our brand’s story rooted in integrity, craftsmanship and the belief that fashion is an expression of individuality that transcends fleeting trends.

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