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Playful Couture | Dresses For a young & peppy girl in every woman

Where age just remains a number. Embrace the attire the way your heart wants to live

Welcome to the world of captivating "Playful Couture", where fashion takes on a whole new dimension of whimsy and imagination. Here, clothing is not merely a garment; it's an art form, a statement, and an embodiment of creativity, a symbol of who you are in real. Idea is to bring that little girl out who wants to dress up to flaunt in her own way & enjoys the life.

Explore an enchanting collection of couture fashion that defies convention. Each piece is a masterpiece of whimsical design, featuring playful patterns, unexpected details, and imaginative concepts. Infuse your life with the joy of playful imagination, where even the ordinary becomes extraordinary with the expression of your emotions.

Stand out in style with statement pieces that are as unique as your imagination. With an outfit that transports you to a fantasy world. you're bound to make a memorable impression. Come & Give life to the little girl in you.

Playful Couture

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Neon Pink and Green Floral...

SKU : AW2346

Discover the radiant beauty in this stunning, ravishing & versatile co-ordinated  set in classic round neck and High-Low pattern, featuring an enchanting Lotus flower motif in vibrant neon pink and green. The highlight of the set is meticulous pleating adorning both front & back as well as the sleeves and bottom hem. Thus making it spacious to adjust all your curves, Back key hole with button is given for easy wear. Stylish pleated pant comes with both side pockets to flaunt.

This coord set is more than just clothing; its a statement of cool, funky and confident attitude. A celebration of your unique style. Whether any special occassion or a fashionable day out with friends, this coord set is a key to your unforgettable look.



Price ₹2,250.00