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The novel is based on the true event. Book is based on the encounter of bandit Ghanshayam Kevat alias Ghansu Dakait at Jamouli Village of District Chitrkoot, UP in 2015.

It is litrery depiction of the event and covers the concerns and issue involved. This is the story of 3 days of the encounter in full length.

उत्तरप्रदेश के चित्रकूट जिले का गांव जमौली। अचानक पूरी दुनिया की निगाहों का मरकज बन गया। कारण था दुर्दांत डकैत घनश्याम केवट उर्फ घनसू उर्फ नान डकैत उर्फ बग्गड़ की 59 घंटों तक पुलिस के साथ चली मुठभेड़।

इस सत्य घटना पर आधारित कृति तैयार करने के लिए खासा शोध किया है। यह कहानी न डकैतों की है, न पुलिस वालों की। न अपराधियों की, न शहीदों की। न सम्मान की, न अपमान की। यह कहानी है नजरिए की।




VIVEK AGRAWAL, a journalist with 3 decades of vast experience in the field of crime, defense, legal & terrorism in all the dimensions of media. Since 1985, he actively started writing as a freelancer for the local, state & national newspapers and earned good name in the united Madhya Pradesh.

His career in the mainstream newspapers started in 1992 with Hindi tabloid ‘Hamara Mahanagar’ at Mumbai. In 1993, joined Hindi national newspaper ‘Jansatta’ as a crime reporter.  He broke many big time stories in both the newspapers.

His broadcast media journalism days started with India’s First Views Channel ‘Janmat’ (Live India) as Bureau Head, Maharashtra-Goa. He was part of the team of channel ‘Mi Mrathi’. Then joined ‘India TV’ as an investigative journalist.

Vivek Agrawal joined as State Head with ‘News Express’. He cracked many stories of Mumbai Mafia, Terrorism, Financial Crimes and Homeland Security all these days.

He is now focusing on writing and documentary projects, consulting print and electronic media houses to establish & run news businesses with right directions and high esteem.

He is offering his services as a news broadcast channel / newspaper / magazine setup professional to news assessment editor to various new establishments across the nation.

26 books on true crime and other serious subjects written by Vivek. He is the country’s first and only researcher-true crime writer in Hindi language.

His books ‘Mumbhai‘ and ‘Mumbhai Returns‘ created quite a stir in the publishing industry and content field. The book ‘Mumbhai’ won the Maharashtra State Hindi Sahitya Akademi Award 2018 in Journalism Catagory. In the same year ‘Mumbhai’ stood #1 in the non-fiction category in the Jagran-Nielsen survey.

The novel Dattatraya Lodge stood 2nd in the Maharashtra Sahitya Academy, Jainendra Kumar Award 2021-22 in the Novel category.

His one of the bestselling book Bombay Bar translated into Punjabi.

He was Chief Content Coordinator for Documentary Money Mafia Season 3 on Discovery Plus.

He is into creative writing for the Films, TV Shows and Web Series. Scripted 2 films, many short films, TV Shows.

Many Film, Web Series, TV+, TV Shows and Podcast projects are underway based on his books or concepts. Not only Crime, Mafia, Terrorism, Mysteries, Social Crimes, Economic Crimes but Social & Entertaining subjects are also procured by studios / production houses. 

Unique and startling concepts and stories for the entertainment shows are his strength.



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